Gearing up for the 8th Annual Grand Avenue Festival

Grand Avenue Arts & Preservation (GAP) is gearing up for the all day 8th Annual Grand Avenue Festival on November 12th, 2016. GAP advocates for the arts and preservation of Phoenix's Historic Grand Avenue and connects like­minded individuals, organizations and businesses.

Designated as Best Arts Festival by New Times in 2015, this eclectic, non-traditional walking Festival highlights the arts, small businesses, adaptive re­use, recycling, community and the unique history of Grand Avenue. The Festival is an all­volunteer effort, including the staff.

We will once again be partnering with the Phoenix Annual Parade of the Arts (PAPA) with their colorful grassroots community art parade. And will continue the tradition of fostering local bands; art installations in trees, on fences and other unexpected locations; historic building tours; fantasy flowers exhibited in the planters along the street created by students; mural projects; pop­up galleries; kid's activities; painted dumpsters; artist-designed “selfie stands”; wandering performers; food trucks and more.

The "Trashy Hat Promenade" and "Recycled Fashion Show" remain colorful highlights of the day's activities (along with a fashion show curated by Arizona’s “Hip Historian” Marshall Shore) with participants showing off fashions created from all kinds of recycled materials. Tours of Grand Avenue history & adaptive reuse projects remain a centerpiece, with an expanded display of exotic artist-designed Arizona “art cars” this year ­ all free to the public!

For more info on how you, your family members, or your students can participate in Festival projects this year ­ like the Hanging Gardens and Woven Fences; the Phoenix Annual Parade of the Arts (PAPA); the Untrashed Recycled Rubbish Fashion Show and Trashy Hat Promenade; or the Fantasy Flower project contact Beatrice at

All the Best,

Beatrice Moore, Grand Avenue Festival, Director

Nancy Hill, Grand Avenue Festival, Assistant Director

Coming Soon

Yikes! Exactly 7 months to go - 8th Annual Grand Avenue Festival is November 12, 2016.

Coming soon 

1. How you can be involved.

2. How you can help.

3. How you can join us for a fantastic day in Downtown Phoenix.

Art Detour

Art Detour 28 is almost here! Grand Avenue is ready to celebrate!

The below people have either signed up as Artlink Articipants or otherwise stated they will be open for Art Detour (March 19th and 20th, 11am - 5pm) with activities visitors will be interested in. Grand Avenue Arts & Preservation (GAP) is revising the map from the Festival to list anyone who will be hosting activities that day. Please let us know if you are not on this list and plan to have activities in, or outside, your space - and be open Art Detour hours.

The Oasis on Grand has offered to provide balloons to all the participating spaces (thank you Brittany!) as well as have an info table set up there. You will need to pick up the balloons the morning of the event to mark your space; we’ll let you know what time. And as in the past you can drop off cards, flyers, etc. about your activities to be handed out at the info table. Bragg’s Pie Factory will also provide an info table in front. 

Official Articipants:

{9} The Gallery

Hazel & Violet


Bragg's Pie Factory Building

The Lodge

Puppet Pie

Abloom / Abe Zucca

11th Monkey / The Lab

Third Space

Grand Avenue Pizza

Oasis on Grand

Sound and Color

Sugar Berry Sweets

Yoga Styles

Jeff Klein Jewelry

Fushicho Daiko Dojo

Unexpected Gallery

Others who will be open:

The Trunk Space

Grand ArtHaus
Treehouse Bakery
Bikini Lounge
Irma’s Cafe


Updates! — Grand Avenue Arts & Preservation

Check out the Planter Tour -

All the artist-decorated planters along Grand will have cool "Fantasy Flowers" in them for the Festival. Bob Adams is assisting us with making a whole bunch of these fantastic glittery tissue and newspaper flowers. We will also have some fantastic flowers made by area school groups including Metro Arts, Villa Montessori School, IG Homes Boys and Girls' Club, and New School for the Arts! Thanks to each and every one of them!


Updates! — Grand Avenue Arts & Preservation

Unexpected Gallery will be a must see on this year's Festival listings. They will also be one of the stops on the "Under the Vintage Roof" tours. Tours begin at Milum Textiles at 333 N. 7th Avenue, but because of limited parking at that site you can park in the rear of Unexpected Gallery (enter from Taylor St.). Tours will be leaving at 11am, 11:30am and Noon. You are not going to want to miss these tours this year - 5 great sites to visit including several very interesting adaptive re-use projects. ‪#‎grandavefest‬




Marshall Shore - WEARizona - free Fashion Show

We love everything Marhsall Shore does. Here is his post card design for his Under the Big Top fashion show that will be at Unexpected Gallery during the Festival, during After Hours. If you haven't been to Unexpected Gallery (and you probably haven't since the Festival will be one of the first times it will be publicly accessible), you are in for a treat. Ben Smith and his partners are taking the old Mller Store Fixture building and making it into something very special. It will also be one of the stops on the free "Under the Vintage Roof" tours.


Updates! — Grand Avenue Arts & Preservation

MUSIC - at Thirdspace


Check out the line-up of bands and music at Thirdspace during the Grand Avenue Festival. They are also looking for musicians if you want to play. Go to their FB page for more info:

Andy War Pigs
Hollow Point Vigils
Sonny Morgan
K Dangerous
Hank Topless Band
Phantom Airship
Ol Lemon Tan
Matt Micheletti

Also circus group Mystic Circus will be performing and joining the parade.
Looking for live artists, and visual performers. If your interested let us know.
The event is free and all ages!


#GrandAveFest - New Press Release - TOO much info!

7th Annual Grand Avenue Festival and Phoenix Annual Parade of the Arts (PAPA) Scheduled for November 14th


Phoenix, AZ (October 10, 2015) The free Grand Avenue Festival, produced by Grand Avenue Arts & Preservation (GAP) and Production Agency for Participatory Arts (PAPA), will be Saturday, November 14th from 11am - 10pm (After Hours from 8 - 10pm). Most of the Festival activities take place along Grand Avenue from the corner of Grand and 15th Avenue, south to Polk Street.

The Phoenix Annual Parade of the Arts will join the Festival again, with organizers Stephen and Sahar Strange celebrating their 10th year. The Parade theme will be "Big Top PAPA, and festivities will have a circus, sideshow and carnival atmosphere. In addition, Walter Studios, an organization dedicated to breathing new life into long forgotten service vehicles, will be providing Walter the Worlds Largest VW Bus (forged from a vintage firetruck). 

The Grand Avenue Festival and PAPA have similar missions of bringing the arts and community together. The combined events will be a celebration of the vibrant culture, art, small businesses, community, history and adaptive re-use of Historic Grand Avenue, as well as an audience participatory, celebratory arts parade. 

There are multiple ways community can participate in Festival activities including creating artistic (non-motorized) floats and costumes for the PAPA parade; making fashions and hats from recycled materials for the Untrashed Recycled Rubbish Fashion Show and Trashy Hat Promenade; site specific art installations for Hanging Gardens and Woven Fences; as arts/craft vendors at select locations; and participation in hands-on childrens projects during the day. 

Festival Events will include:

Big Top PAPA Parade (from 6 - 7:30pm), led by local Taiko drumming group, Fuschicho Daiko, leaves the lot at Roosevelt and 15th Avenue at 6pm and travels south to Van Buren, returning for a grand finale that includes bands, stilt walking, circus arts and fire performers, many of whom will also be performing throughout the day along the street. Community members do not need to register to join the parade; however, to be considered for the judging, must check in at the PAPA info table by 5pm (near the stage). All floats must be non-motorized. Categories for judging include: float, group, bike, costume, and cute (typically kids and pets). Even those without costumes are welcome to join the parade.

The PAPA stage will also host Tucson funk duo Mik and Scott, and Mexican ska punk band Los Lerpes. Walter the Worlds Largest VW Bus will be stationed at the stage throughout the Festival, providing music during the day and DJs and a colorful light show after dark. Over 50 bands and musicians will play during the day at various locations, continuing into After Hours at designated spaces, including Thirdspace, Braggs Pie Factory, Unexpected Art Gallery, Trunk Space, Oasis on Grand, and the PAPA stage.

Untrashed Recycled Rubbish Fashion Show and Trashy Hat Promenade, a procession of fantastic fashions made from recyclables led by Babs ADelic. Participants will leave 1023 Grand Avenue, The La Megosa building, headed North at approximatley 3:00pm, to model their creations along rand Avenue. Judging at the PAPA stage, corner of rand and 15th Ave at 3:30pm.

Under the Big Top, an After Hours event produced by Marshall Shore (Arizona’s Hip Historian) and WEARizona, will highlight an array of quirky circus fashion by Angela Johnson, Robert Black, Antique Sugar, Rare Scarf and Redhead Sadie, during After Hours at Unexpected Gallery, 8 - 10pm.

Under the Vintage Roof, free tours of historic, vintage and adaptively re-used commercial buildings along Grand Avenue, will leave at 11:00am, 11:30am and Noon from the Milum Textile building at 333 N. 7th Avenue. Tour stops include Milum Textile Services, a functioning textile laundering plant in an architecturally stunning building; OS Stapley Hardware Store buildings (and Heckler Design) in a sprawling 1920s brick storefront; the former Miller Store Fixture site, consisting of two combined Mid-century Modern buildings (now Unexpected Art Gallery);  Roberto-Venn School of Luthiery (guitar making school) in a repurposed, former tire warehouse; and La Melgosa, a renovated 1950s auto parts warehouse, now occupied by a mix of uses.

Hanging Gardens & Woven Fences, art installations made from recyclables displayed in trees, on fences, posts, and other unexpected locations, lend an air of excitement and discovery to this non-traditional walking Festival. Visitors can find project maps at any of the info tables. Participants this year include Lara Plecas, Colibri Center for Human Rights, Gail Marina, Beatrice Moore, Cherry Bombin Wear, Tony Zahn, Carolyn Watson Dubisch, Kristin Harris Wolfe, The Rag Collection, Heather Alvin and Lady Luck Tattoo, Sondra Carr, Tom Cooper, and the Waldorf School.

The RC Project (Rubbish Crew),organized by Ishmael Duenas, will feature young artists painting neighborhood dumpsters at Trunk Space, 1506 Grand (yard); Braggs Pie Factory, 1301 Grand (parking lot); Thirdspace, 1028 Grand (parking lot); 11th Monk3y, 1022 Grand (parking lot); Love Cycles, 1009 Grand (yard).

Fantasy Flowers,created from recycled materials by Villa Montessori School, Metro Arts, New School for the Arts and I.G. Homes Boys and Girls Club, will be displayed in the artist-designed planters along Grand Avenue. Planter tours will be hosted by local artist Lara Plecas at 11:30 (east planters) and 1:30 (west planters), leaving from the info table in front of the Braggs Pie Factory building.

Creative hands-on childrens activities at various locations include craft and jewelry making tables in front of Lady Luck Tattoo at 1301 Grand; a coloring table hosted by a local Girl Scout troop, with designs by local artists, outside the Lodge at 1229 Grand; and a puppet making workshop starting at 11am, and continuing every half hour until 6pm, at the Puppet Pie studio in the Braggs Pie Factory building at 1301 Grand (enter from McKinley).

 Other eclectic, not-to-be-missed activities include the 5th Annual Tiki Fest at the historic Bikini Lounge, a S’mores party at Modfire (at 8pm); an all-vinyl DJ dance party at The Grand (starting at 7:30 - late); a record and media swap meet at Trunk Space (from Noon - 5pm);  all day taiko drumming demonstrations and karate classes at Fushicho Daiko Dojo; a vintage motorcycle show at LoveCycles; a tour of the guitar-making and repair facility at Roberto-Venn Luthiery; all day coaster printing at Hazel & Violet Letterpress shop; Back Alley at Unexpected Gallery featuring vendor booths, food trucks, music, mini art appreciation classes and an organic market; and tours of the new Containers on Grand, an apartment complex created from recycled shipping containers.

Artists showing work during the day include Abe Zucca at Abloom Salon; Shauna Thibault at Chartreuse Gallery, Bill Dambrova in the Braggs Pie Factory building; Upcycled bicycle tire accessories by Cherry Bombin Wear; Aileen Frick at {9} the Gallery; Peter Kuttner at La Melgosa; Aaron Voight at Haifley Brothers; and a group show of over 20 artists at Unexpected Gallery.

Free on-street parking is available along the Avenue, from Van Buren to Roosevelt, as well as side streets and various parking lots. Festival Guides and maps can be found at the info tables at the PAPA lot, in front of Braggs Pie Factory, and in front of Fushicho Daiko Dojo. Look for the wandering Guides with red aprons and crazy hats. Bicycle racks can be found at the PAPA lot, in front of The Lodge, and in front of La Melgosa. Free pedi-cabs will be running throughout the day with pedi-cab stations at the PAPA lot and in front of the Fushicho Daiko Dojo. The pedi-cabs are free but tips are always appreciated by the drivers.

Various restaurants will be open during the day including Irmas Kitchen, with an outdoor barbecue and homemade Mexican food; Thirdspace with outdoor seating, garden area and stage, as well as coffee from Grind House and Cortez Coffee Company; and the Grand Avenue Pizza Company. Barrio Cafe will host a pop-up eatery in the Braggs Pie Factory building, with free samples and a sneak-peek of a cafe concept that will be introduced in January. Vegan cupcakes and sweet treats are available at the award-winning Treehouse Bakery. Desserts, drinks and finger food can also be found at LoveCycles and {9} the Gallery. And look for food trucks at the PAPA lot, Unexpected Gallery, and other spots.

Grand Avenue Festival update - The PAPA Stage!

The PAPA stage will be one of the places-to-be during the Grand Avenue Festival November 14th. Starting about 4:30 with the Untrashed Recycled Rubbish Fashion Show and Trashy Hat Promenade judging; Walter the World's Largest VW Bus presiding; all kinds of music and entertainment until 10pm; pedi-cab station; and the PAPA parade leaving to travel south down Grand Avenue at 6:30ish - you - won't - want - to - miss - this - stop!