“Military hardware retrofitted for goodness and light” describes the Walter Studios’ “Peace Train” – a perfect fit for a Festival committed to deeply engaging attendees.

Peace Train is an artwork that reminds us that Grand Avenue was once a bustling part of the interstate system and remains a part of the vintage US Route 60. But the four-vehicle installation does much more than that.

The fully operational piece was once a WWII communications trailer vehicle and is provided courtesy of the nationally known Walter Studios. The three vintage communications trailers are paired with a giant replica of a VW Kubelwagon, built on a Hummer chassis. Renamed Love, Forgiveness and Gratitude, it’s been transformed by hand to evoke beauty, comfort and joy. Attendees are welcome to board and gather with others in the lovingly restored intimate interiors, where you can relax and reflect on the good things in life.

Come discover the interactive elements inside the trailers, parked in front of the Bragg’s Pie Factory, or just enjoy the beautiful, air-conditioned spaces. All are welcome in the Peace Train!